First Weekend in the New Year

Dec. 30, 2009

There is supposed to be a huge snow storm coming this weekend, Mr. K wants to go skiing in Vermont this weekend, I do not, and cannot since I hurt my knee. They say how you spend the beginning of the new year is how you will spend the majority of the rest of the  year. So does this mean that Mr. K and I will be spending the majority of 2010 apart?

Part of me feels like recently I have been chasing Mr. K around doing whatever it is that he wants to do, instead of living for myself. Everyone says that once you get married you enter into a team, it’s not about you anymore the I turns into a we blah, blah blah. Well this half of the we doesn’t want to spend the weekend holed up in some random house by herself in Vermont while Mr. K has all the fun going skiing. If I am going to sit and be by myself I can do that in the comfort of my own apartment, or I can go into the city and be with my friends, instead of sitting around alone.

Mr. K says I don’t want to go to Vermont because my mind has already determined that it will not be fun. Well based on the last two trips we have taken what I wanted to do got blown off for what he wanted to do i.e. horsebackriding and snowshoeing for fishing and house hunting. As for this weekend I feel as if what I want to do is already being blown off for his skiing, since he has already told me he will be skiing the entire weekend, giving me whatever time he has left over. So maybe for this weekend we need to agree to be happy and be apart, since he can’t see himself being happy in NJ and I can’t see myself being happy in Vermont. As for what this means for the rest of the year, well I guess we will just have to wait and see.


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Chirstmas in Cleveland

Dec. 24-28, 2009

This year Mr. K and I are driving over to Cleveland for Christmas. It’s always a little strange for me to go back to Cleveland and see my family. A lot has changed since I moved out of my house in Cleveland Heights and into the Big Apple. My room has been transformed into an entertainment room, my brother moved out of the house and in with his girlfriend, and my grandma relocated into an assisted living center way out in the country.

Going home is kind of overwhelming for me, all I want to do is sit around the house, chill and make christmas cookies. My parents want to zip me around town to comedy clubs, dinners, breakfasts, and family events. Now I want to see my family – I love hanging out with them so that I wouldn’t want to change, but I could do with a little less running around the city of Cleveland and a little more chill time.

Being at home with my parents is a sanctuary for me. It’s the place I can go to be away from the city, be away from my life there and just hang out, and not feel overwhelmed with everything that I need to finish. Recently, going home with Mr. K has been a bit overwhelming. I feel as though my parents feel like they need to entertain us, while we just want to hang around the house.

It’s not just my parents, I went home and the majority of my friends said that they are bombarded by parents and family the second they walk in th door. It’s almost as if things never change. As we grown up our parents are always on our backs about something, and now when we come home they are on our backs, but in a different way. But I can’t really complain since I always love going home, and once I get past that difficult third day, I feel like I should have stayed a little longer.

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Snow Days!

Dec. 18-20, 2009

This weekend is the birthday celebration for Mr. K’s sister and mom. So Friday after work we trained down to Philly for a celebration family dinner at Osteria. The food was delicious (really really good pizza, and I have eaten a lot of pizza), and so was the wine. After some peanut butter pie, more birthday toasts, and a little It’s Always Sunny we headed out to the bars, followed by an interesting DJ party, then headed back home with a few snowflakes falling sparsely. I awoke fully clothed on the pullout couch, confused first about why I was still wearing my outfit from last night, and then as to where exactly I was. But my confusion was pushed to the wayside when I looked outside and saw a freaking foot of snow on the ground!

Typical, the weekend after I defriend snow I find myself in the biggest snowstorm to hit PA ever! So I slapped on my knee brace and hobbled out to the car. We were on a mission that would hopefully land us at Mr. K’s moms house, an hour away. Our first stop was Chifa where the newest Iron Chef, Jose Garces was holding a book signing for his new cookbook. We crept down the not so ploughed roads at about 10 miles an hour until we reached the restaurant. On the way to the book signing, we were reminded that one of the windshield wipers doesn’t work, so as luck would have it there happened to be an auto parts store across the street from the gas station where we stopped. After spending 15 minutes figuring out how to attach the new wiper, we were back on the road again creeping along at 10 miles an hour. The roads were still a mess despite the fact that we were now following a huge snow plough – I don’t think he was helping the situation, but driving behind him made us feel better.

The lovely flakes of snow were pounding us as Mr. K skillfully navigated the treacherous roadways. Narrowly avoiding stalled out cars, and slow-moving erratically stopping busses. It was winter wonderland war zone. Cars with tires spinning unable to finish climbing up the slippery hills, unableto go up and unwilling to slide back down. An hour and a half later we rolled into Mr.K’s moms driveway, no worse for the wear and ready for a drink.

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Why We Fight?

Dec. 17, 2009

Mr. K and I just watched Revolutionary Road, which happens to depict a very dreary view of married life. The lead couple fought bitterly throughout the entire movie. Their miserableness was mirrored in the relationships of every other couple who crossed their path. Which got me thinking about fighting and how at times, we can so readily say terrible things to purposefully cause the ones we love pain.

It’s so absurd how we can choose to hurt the ones we care about and the love the most over such silly differences. How do we determine what is worth fighting over, and what we let slide? Mr. K and I have had our share of arguments, most of them over things that truly do not matter when you compare them to the big picture. Looking back there is only one argument that I remember that I still feel that I had the right to be upset over. 

You would think that at some point during the fight one person would try and squash it, stop the fight before it hurts someone. There are so many things we do to avoid fighting, the little white lies we tell because we think we are  protecting someone from the truth, not fully expressing our opinions since we know it will strike a bad cord, avoiding certain subjects all together. We go through these motions so we do not fight, why is it so hard to stop ourselves once we start?

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Dec. 13, 2009

It snowed 17 inches last night, making Mr. K ecstatic and me a little nauseous. I have never skied in real powder before, I have no idea what to do.

As we drove up to Snowbasin Mountain, the snow continued to fall heavily. I was beginning to regret not skiing yesterday or the day before for a bit of practice in more normal conditions. About 30 minutes later I found myself standing at the top of the mountain staring at the huge clumps of snow before me. I made it down pretty normally on my first run. So I figured I would give it another go.

About 5 minutes into my second run I crashed and burned. My goggles decided that they would fog up, so I really had no idea what I was skiing into, and apparently I skied into something bad. My one leg went one way, and my other leg went the other way twisting my knee into a painful position.  Luckily, I heard nothing snap or pop, and was able to ski back down the mountain very carefully and slowly without too much pain.

Needless to say skiing and I are no longer friends, especially after I had to sit in the lodge for 5 hours watching everyone else having fun.

Look for my skis on ebay.

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Dinner in Park City

Dec 11, 2009

Tonight Mr. K and I headed over to Park City dinner for an upgraded dining experience. We parked at the end of Main street and began walking around. About 5 minutes into our journey we walk past this couple, the Asian man looked oddly familiar. It was John from TLC’s used to be John and Kate plus 8! My mom will be so excited to hear that I saw a slightly famous person, even if he is D list. He was walking around brunette lady both of them sucking down ciggys. Side note John looks  A LOT better on TV than he does in person. Yikes!

I have never been to Park City before, the Mr. and I walked past all the cute shops, restaurants and bars till we reached the other end of the street. There wasn’t a whole lot of activity at the time, we later found out that their tourist season doesn’t start-up till Christmas.

We were debating between two restaurants Purple Sage and Bistro 412. We ended up at Purple Sage and dined on a delicious dinner of blue cheese fondue with port sauce (I love cheese!), shrimp with polenta cakes, and BBQ pork medallions. Everything was delicious! however the shrimp was the standout dish

After dinner we headed down and across the street to a festively decorated bar, had a few drinks and chatted with some locals then headed back. Our little excursion was a nice break away from the bar food offered in the town where we stay.

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Backwards Commute

Dec. 10, 2009

The Mr. K and I are in commute out to the great white west, our home away from home, Utah.

Our apartment is about a 15 minute drive from NWK airport. This morning I left our apartment dragging my 50 pound bag behind me and headed into NYC for work.

2:30 pm, I left work again dragging my 50 pound bag and headed by subway to the NJ transit, to airtran and arrived at NWK 1.5 hours later, (did I mention NWK is a 15 drive from our apartment)

There must be an easier way!

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Knife School

Dec. 9, 2009

Tonight Mr. K and I attended Knife Class at the Culinary Center in the Whole Foods on Bowery.  The class was held the Center’s very intimate and chic kitchen. We all sat around the prep area, in what I like to call sushi style.

In the past three days I have sliced two fingers and three fingernails on my left hand – so I figured this class was mandatory. We learned and practiced several cuts ranging from a julienne to a brunoise. I also learned the correct way to hold a knife. The awesome thing about knife class is that while you are cooking you are also making a gourmet dinner. Tonight’s menu was citrus salad, glazed root vegetables, and sole au pouchette with tomato compote, leeks and thyme. It was delicious! And now I can go home and make it!

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Sunday Funday

Dec. 6, 2009

Today Mr. K and I did a little Sunday funday out in the real suburbs of NJ. First off, after living in tiny NYC apartments for the past five years I find being in a house that big to be very foreign. I think I have forgotten what it is like to live in a real house. I am in awe of any space that has a working real fireplace, not gas logs (like we have in my Cleveland house).  As the afternoon progressed I found out exactly why all that space is useful: they have three kids. I learned a few things during my Sunday Funday:

1. Kids have a lot of energy
2. Kids never forget
3. Parents needs to be able to do everything they normally do with while holding a 25 pound toddler.

I also realized that I have no idea how to raise a kid. Actually, I realized this a LONG time ago, but all of a sudden this thought became very real to me. Having kids is no longer an event that will happen in the very distant future, 10 years down the line.  I am still wanting a little more newlywed time, but inevitable my thoughts of having kids will become a reality. So in the mean time I plan on stocking up on parenting tips and tricks. These parents just seemed to know what there kids were doing at all times, only once did they actually seem a little scared, when they realized the two older kids were scheming something near the fridge.  

I sat there, in between conversations, half laughing at all the craziness half completely terrified. I am kind of frightened by little children, I am not quite sure how to interact with them. For some reason I feel really awkward playing peek a boo under the dish rag and making silly faces. For some strange reason I get really embarrassed and flustered. Instead I stand there seeming not so kid friendly, while Mr. K does all the kid friendly playing.

 It was a really fun day, hanging out with Mr. and Mrs. C, chatting, drinking some good wine and eating some yummy food.

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Champagne Wishes!

  Dec. 5, 2009 

Tonight we headed up to white plains for the third annual Champagne Party thrown by A&J. I thought trekking to the UES was bad, this was a five part adventure; once we started there was no going back. Did I mention it was snowing/raining? But is was worth it! Another fantabulous party, with great company and yummy champagne. Each guest brings a bottle of bubbly. Several bottles are places around the house and you sip on a sample from each bottle!

Each year there are special performances. One of this year’s performances was a song dedicated to the hosts, who have been married for 33 years. A&J are the most brilliant couple, I aspire to have a relationship similar to theirs 33 years from now. I never tire of hearing about their stories of adventure, fear, love and hope.  

Today is our three month anniversary, yep we have made it this far and are still going strong. Tonight I looked around and saw so much inspiring love, which I can only hope translates into my future. Years from now I want Mr. K and I to fill the room with the exact same love I felt tonight.

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