First Thanksgiving as Mrs.K

Nov. 26, 2009

Today was my first official holiday as Mrs. K.  Everyone was asking “How is married life??” Since Sept. 5 I have been asked this question more than I have been asked any other question in my entire life. I feel like I need to come up with some sort of entertainingly witty response. My current response of  “So far so good” is lack luster. Or maybe I need to come up with two or three different answers that I can rotate to keep myself entertained.

The truth is, for me, married life is pretty much the same. The two big differences are that now we have a joint account that we can pay bills from and to house our wedding gifts, And there are a few more things to take into consideration the next time we move to a more permanent address, such as:

1. Is it pet friendly

2. Is there enough space for a third person

3. Are there decent schools in the area

Before we were married those thoughts didn’t really cross my mind.  Now that I have really moved for the first time since leaving Cleveland and not wanting to move another 5 times within the next year – a lot of questions need to be pondered before settling on a location.

The truth is the aftermath of the marriage didn’t really have a huge life changing effect on our lifestyle. It was life changing for us, but not so much our lifestyle. It was an easy transition going from Ms. R to Mrs. K. And I am thankful for that – since I really don’t think I could have handled any more stress at that time.


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