Ski Movie

Nov. 20, 2009

There are two things that seem to be able to excite Mr.K about going into the city: Ski Movies and Landmark. Friday night was a ski movie. The light in his eyes as we waited 45 minutes in the cold mimics that of a small child on Christmas morn. Yes, I did say that we waited 45 minutes in line in the cold to stand up for two hours and watch a ski movie. But there was also a free lift ticket involved so that made me good.

Then there is me freezing out in the cold line, and then once inside trying not to completely freak out while I watch skiers do some crazy skiing and then talk about how half of their ski buddies died a week ago do the same thing they just did. I think I might be the only person who is not impressed by skiers who can jump off 100 foot cliffs and ski down steep rocky mountains. I think it is silly and dangerous and do not approve of Mr. K doing anything close to it. It’s entertaining to watch – at least until some skier cartwheels head over feet down the mountain and falls straight into the icy abyss of a crevasse – that to me does not seem awesome.

This is what scares me when Mr. K is out skiing and then decides not to call me until way after the ski mountain is closed. Which make me think, hmmm did something happen to him? and Wouldn’t someone have called me by now to let me know that something was wrong, is no news good news? But now in addition to that I can also think: Maybe he rocketed himself into a crevasse and no one knows that he is missing, which is why I have not received any bad news phone calls.

The Pros:
Ski movies tend to give away free stuff. Mr. K just happened to win some skis at this movie. Nice!



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