Noodle Fight

Nov. 19, 2009

Tonight Mr. K and I went to see CM’s play, titled Suite Horwitz. She plays the cello and acts. I have never heard her play the cello before, and was astonished, I couldn’t take my eyes off her fingers. Her whole performance was insanely impressive. I am definitely forcing my kids to take on 2-3 hobbies at all times until they find something in which they excel.

Anyways, before the show Mr. K and I got noodles at Ippudo. While slurping up the ramen we get into a discussion about Google and some of the new email/instant messenger tech they are developing. This leads to a discussion about e-mail and replying all, and how his pet peeve is when people (actually he specifically accused me of this)  do not reply all and he has to have the same conversation 8 times with 8 different people no of whom understand how to apply all.  For some reason this struck a chord with me because,e first of all I always reply all, unless there is something that I need to say off the record that I don’t want the group to hear. I like the reply all, because I too hate having to have the same conversation 8 times with 8 different people. So when Mr.K accused me of not replying all and not being able to effectively use e-mail I got mad.

I have no idea why this go me so riled up, I guess I don’t like being wrongly accused even if it is over something this trivial (i’m sure the large bottle of sake consumed didn’t help). Then he started using Landmark speak which always tends to make me angrier – again I don’t know why this makes me so mad. So there we sat arguing across this tiny table next to a couple who was trying hard to make casual conversation and ignore us. I’m not sure how things really calmed down, I know there was still tension when we left the restaurant, and I do know that Pete tried to use the fight get out of seeing the play, which was NOT happening. But somewhere between Third and First avenue we apologize and made up, and walked into CM’s show sans negativity – the night was salvaged. I guess the cold air cleared out heads and made us realize that what we were fighting about wasn’t worth the fight.


November 22, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. CM replied:

    Thanks to you both for coming and supporting me! Love you both lots 🙂

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