Random thoughts

Nov. 16, 2009

Since the beginning of my relationship with Mr. K I have tried to keep my sense of self. I did not want to be one of those people who becomes all consumed with the person they are dating, and forgets who they are. Finding the balance between me time, friends time, and Mr. K time was not always easy. In the beginning it was easier since I only saw Mr. K about once a week, but once things started getting more serious, it was hard maintaining the delicate balance. So at some point I gave up. I realized that I wasn’t happy running around trying to be sure that I was spending enough time with everyone, everyone but myself. So I gave up a few happy hours in order to work out, and I stayed home from some ski trips to chill and hang out with my friends. I noticed that me changing my schedule didn’t drastically affect my relationships.

Mr. K and I have always encouraged each other to pursue our interests, even if the other person is a lot less interested. We have shared a lot with each other and it gave us a wealth of new experiences. When he wanted to drive cross country and chase snow storms for two weeks – I encouraged it. When I went to California and he couldn’t come he encouraged me to go out and have a fun time without him. I am thankful for this, because when I’m away it makes me feel less guilty about having fun without him and it makes it easier for me to be away from him. We have the ability to support each other and our happiness when we are together and apart .


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