New Yoga Studio

Nov. 3, 2009

Today I tried out a new yoga studio.  I have been going to Yoga to the People for about 2 years, but it is no longer easy for me to get to from my new location. So I am testing  out others, in hopes that I will find my new perfect match.

At Yoga To The People I had an instructor that gave me a good workout, but also taught me how to quiet my mind. I knew the poses and the sequences, I was familiar with the studio. The class was challenging but not impossible. I left class sweaty, relaxed and felt like I had abs of steel. It was everything I wanted to get out of my yoga hour, and I miss it! So maybe I will have to survive in the podcasts from here on out.

Kula Yoga is different from YTTP. It is strange. The teacher uses the technical terms, many of which I do not recognize, and the class is less challenging. It is also less crowded, which means more opportunities for the teacher to correct my poses. This is a plus, and something that I didn’t really get at YTTP. We also did some nice stretches, which is one of my favorite parts of yoga. My body likes a good stretch. But I left the class feeling like I hadn’t gotten my challenging yoga practice, plus I had a hard time quieting my mind since there were times when I was confused about what we were doing. There was definitely a few challenging sequences in there that lasted a few minutes, making my legs burning and my mind focus. I haven’t experience enough to make up my mind about this place. I bought three passes, so I will be going back, it got me intrigued, and I want to know if the next time I will get more of the same or something different.


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