Happy Halloweenie!

Oct. 31, 2009

Halloween is my favorite holiday, I have always been a huge fan of eating candy and dressing up in some sort of homemade costume.Robert Palmer and his girl This year for the first time, Mr. K and I did couples costume, I was a Robert Palmer girl and Mr. K was Robert Palmer. So Saturday night we set out on our journey to the UES for some Halloween cocktails.

A mere hour and a half later we arrived ad CM’s apartment and celebrated in costume for the rest of the night.

After the Yankee’s won the second game of the World Series, Mr. K and I decide it was time to start heading back home, since we have a long journey ahead. We get on the train and begin discussing if and when we are going to have any apartment warming party, since few of my friends have been asking me if we are going to do one.

When we first made our decision to move out here, I was the one who thought that no one would ever come and visit us in Jersey City. Even if we did have a party I was doubtful that people would willing come, and I felt bad for asking people to make a very long commute. Now it seems as though the tables have turned. Mr. K after making the city commute for a couple of weeks now feels bad about asking people to make the trek out to our apt, and I am the one pushing for a dinner party of sorts.

There are also a few other things that we need to take into consideration:

  1. We live above a family with two little kids, therefore our dance parties that last from 3 pm till 2 am won’t be happening.
  2. Cabs are not abundant outside of my apartment like they were in the city
  3. It’s not the safest area after midnight
  4. It’s one heck of a long trip for anyone living in Queens

So trapped in the subway Mr. K and I tried to come to some sort of compromise about the possibility of an apartment warming party. So after a lot of back and forth about logistics and me accusing him of not listening to me, and him just not understanding why we should make people trek all the way out to Jersey City, we reached a compromise. We have one or two smaller potluck parties to let our friends see the apartment. Now we just have to find a date that works, which is the hard part, since Mr. K and I seem to always be on the move.


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