First Thanksgiving as Mrs.K

Nov. 26, 2009

Today was my first official holiday as Mrs. K.  Everyone was asking “How is married life??” Since Sept. 5 I have been asked this question more than I have been asked any other question in my entire life. I feel like I need to come up with some sort of entertainingly witty response. My current response of  “So far so good” is lack luster. Or maybe I need to come up with two or three different answers that I can rotate to keep myself entertained.

The truth is, for me, married life is pretty much the same. The two big differences are that now we have a joint account that we can pay bills from and to house our wedding gifts, And there are a few more things to take into consideration the next time we move to a more permanent address, such as:

1. Is it pet friendly

2. Is there enough space for a third person

3. Are there decent schools in the area

Before we were married those thoughts didn’t really cross my mind.  Now that I have really moved for the first time since leaving Cleveland and not wanting to move another 5 times within the next year – a lot of questions need to be pondered before settling on a location.

The truth is the aftermath of the marriage didn’t really have a huge life changing effect on our lifestyle. It was life changing for us, but not so much our lifestyle. It was an easy transition going from Ms. R to Mrs. K. And I am thankful for that – since I really don’t think I could have handled any more stress at that time.


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Breaking in the Bedroom

Nov. 25, 2009

Tonight we had our first apartment guests. Mr. K rearranged our second bedroom so that it felt more like a bedroom and less like a poor excuse for a workout room. We inflated the air matress set it up against the headboard, made the bed, and positioned the chair in a comfy location.

Mr. K’s sister EK and her boyfriend, KM were staying over in preparation for New Jersey family Thanksgiving. I must say that having an unoccupied bedroom is nice. Quite a different feel from waking up in our studio apartment with EK and KM on the air mattress in the living room.  But at the same time, it was a little strange waking up and not having our guests 10 feet away. Weird, but a lot more comfortable on both ends.

I can get used to having a second bedroom for our extra toys and our guests. Now all we need to work on is the second bathroom and our apartment would be pretty darn near perfect.

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Gourmet Day #1

Nov. 22, 2009

In an attempt to beef up my culinary skills, I have decided to make one meal a week that will push my culinary limits. After all they say if you don’t challenge yourself you won’t improve. One night each weekend I have decided to attempt to cook a gourmet masterpiece. This Sunday it was Moroccan Chicken and Mango Salsa with Pureed Potatoes. For some cooking wizards this may not really qualify as hard, but it used up almost every pot/pan in my kitchen. In my book that qualifies at tricky.
Moroccan Chicken

Mango Salsa

Pureed Potatoes

Instead of rice I opted to use some leftover quinoa I had in the fridge. I have just gotten into making quinoa, since it is the superfood of the moment, and it is quite delicious!

My meal was a success! I have moved up one rung on the top chef ladder. It looked kinda like the picture in my cook book and smelled like it tasted, very yummy! Pretty soon you will be seeing me on the Food Network:)

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Cheap Beers!

Nov. 21, 2009

My local bar serves really cheap beers. I’m talking two non domestic beer for less than $8 bucks – this I find amazing. I’m thinking we might just have to have a few sunday fundays in the dirty jerz. Cheap beer and food can’t get much better than that.

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Ski Movie

Nov. 20, 2009

There are two things that seem to be able to excite Mr.K about going into the city: Ski Movies and Landmark. Friday night was a ski movie. The light in his eyes as we waited 45 minutes in the cold mimics that of a small child on Christmas morn. Yes, I did say that we waited 45 minutes in line in the cold to stand up for two hours and watch a ski movie. But there was also a free lift ticket involved so that made me good.

Then there is me freezing out in the cold line, and then once inside trying not to completely freak out while I watch skiers do some crazy skiing and then talk about how half of their ski buddies died a week ago do the same thing they just did. I think I might be the only person who is not impressed by skiers who can jump off 100 foot cliffs and ski down steep rocky mountains. I think it is silly and dangerous and do not approve of Mr. K doing anything close to it. It’s entertaining to watch – at least until some skier cartwheels head over feet down the mountain and falls straight into the icy abyss of a crevasse – that to me does not seem awesome.

This is what scares me when Mr. K is out skiing and then decides not to call me until way after the ski mountain is closed. Which make me think, hmmm did something happen to him? and Wouldn’t someone have called me by now to let me know that something was wrong, is no news good news? But now in addition to that I can also think: Maybe he rocketed himself into a crevasse and no one knows that he is missing, which is why I have not received any bad news phone calls.

The Pros:
Ski movies tend to give away free stuff. Mr. K just happened to win some skis at this movie. Nice!


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Noodle Fight

Nov. 19, 2009

Tonight Mr. K and I went to see CM’s play, titled Suite Horwitz. She plays the cello and acts. I have never heard her play the cello before, and was astonished, I couldn’t take my eyes off her fingers. Her whole performance was insanely impressive. I am definitely forcing my kids to take on 2-3 hobbies at all times until they find something in which they excel.

Anyways, before the show Mr. K and I got noodles at Ippudo. While slurping up the ramen we get into a discussion about Google and some of the new email/instant messenger tech they are developing. This leads to a discussion about e-mail and replying all, and how his pet peeve is when people (actually he specifically accused me of this)  do not reply all and he has to have the same conversation 8 times with 8 different people no of whom understand how to apply all.  For some reason this struck a chord with me because,e first of all I always reply all, unless there is something that I need to say off the record that I don’t want the group to hear. I like the reply all, because I too hate having to have the same conversation 8 times with 8 different people. So when Mr.K accused me of not replying all and not being able to effectively use e-mail I got mad.

I have no idea why this go me so riled up, I guess I don’t like being wrongly accused even if it is over something this trivial (i’m sure the large bottle of sake consumed didn’t help). Then he started using Landmark speak which always tends to make me angrier – again I don’t know why this makes me so mad. So there we sat arguing across this tiny table next to a couple who was trying hard to make casual conversation and ignore us. I’m not sure how things really calmed down, I know there was still tension when we left the restaurant, and I do know that Pete tried to use the fight get out of seeing the play, which was NOT happening. But somewhere between Third and First avenue we apologize and made up, and walked into CM’s show sans negativity – the night was salvaged. I guess the cold air cleared out heads and made us realize that what we were fighting about wasn’t worth the fight.

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I am allergic to New Jersey

Nov. 17, 2009

I swear I am allergic to NJ, or my apartment or both. Ever since I have moved across the river crazy things have been happening. My sinuses have been going crazy for about two weeks – I have never been this congested in my entire life. I can barely breath, I can barely hear and for some reason it seems to get better once I leave the apt and worse upon my return.

Then there is my skin problem. I have insanely dry skin on my legs, that is now turning red and raw and burns! My dermatologist said that it is either dry skin, due to a dry environment, or it is some terrible disease that she would not name because she didn’t want to scare me. I go back on Tuesday to see whether it is a dry skin condition that is clearing up due to the meds she gave me, or if it is in fact the terrible disease. Again, the symptoms of my “skin” disease seem to get worse when I’m sitting in my apartment after work – I have no explanation as to why.

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Random thoughts

Nov. 16, 2009

Since the beginning of my relationship with Mr. K I have tried to keep my sense of self. I did not want to be one of those people who becomes all consumed with the person they are dating, and forgets who they are. Finding the balance between me time, friends time, and Mr. K time was not always easy. In the beginning it was easier since I only saw Mr. K about once a week, but once things started getting more serious, it was hard maintaining the delicate balance. So at some point I gave up. I realized that I wasn’t happy running around trying to be sure that I was spending enough time with everyone, everyone but myself. So I gave up a few happy hours in order to work out, and I stayed home from some ski trips to chill and hang out with my friends. I noticed that me changing my schedule didn’t drastically affect my relationships.

Mr. K and I have always encouraged each other to pursue our interests, even if the other person is a lot less interested. We have shared a lot with each other and it gave us a wealth of new experiences. When he wanted to drive cross country and chase snow storms for two weeks – I encouraged it. When I went to California and he couldn’t come he encouraged me to go out and have a fun time without him. I am thankful for this, because when I’m away it makes me feel less guilty about having fun without him and it makes it easier for me to be away from him. We have the ability to support each other and our happiness when we are together and apart .

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Home Sweet Home!

Nov. 15, 2009

After getting into a huge fight with my cab driver I am finally home! Now it’s time for more sleep and hanging out with Mr.K.

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California Girl

Nov. 10 -14, 2009

This past week I visited my friends CB and MM out in Cali. Here are a few snippets from my trip:

Nov. 10, 2009: San Diego with CB

CB lives not too far from the hotel I was staying at in San Diego with his charming boyfriend LP. CB picked me up from the hotel and we all went out to dinner at this Thai place near their apartment. We chatted about our lives and LP’s blossoming career as a DJ (he’s DJing the Miss. California pageant). After we ate some good Thai we went back to their swanky apartment and watch some Biggest Loser, while I desperately tried not to fall asleep on the couch. At this point I was exhausted from conference. CB told me he would wake me up so we could eat breakfast before I left for San Francisco and he left for work. At about 6:45 am I got a knock on my door and in came CB with my breakfast in bed! He roamed between his room and my room while we ate and chatted. Then he left for work and I decided I would go for a run in Balboa park before my flight.

Nov. 11, 2009 Mid afternoon – Berkeley

I hopped on the BART that I hoped would take me to Berkeley where I am meeting MM! Yay, time of a little quality girl time! My San Fran/Berkeley vacation with MM was awesome! We roamed all over the place and got to really catch up on each others lives. We both have a lot going on at the moment, it was fun being able to learn about what is going on in her life.

After we settled in cute her apartment we decided to go to this fun grocery store and buy some food for the rest of my stay. I am jealous of her grocery store – I want to steal it and bring it back to NJ. That night we decided to experiment and make some quinoa, neither of us has made it before but I have heard it’s real healthy and wanted to try it. Well, our recipe was a success and after a few beers we headed out into Berkeley for some al fresco beers, and later in the evening met up with an old running buddy of hers.

Nov.12, 2009 – Mt. Tam

We decided that today is our hiking day in the redwoods. MM know a great hike on Mt. Tam so we rented a car and drove out to Stenson beach and started our hike. The forest was gorgeous – right out of the Lord of the Rings. It was not too challenging but I got to get out and stretch my legs. After our hike we ate our picnic lunch and figured out dinner plans. We drove into the city for dinner and went ot Burma Super Star, which was soooo amazingly good! I had never eaten Burmese food before – I was missing out. Then exhausted from our hike we drove back home.

Nov. 13, 2009: San Fransisco

MM had to work today, her students had an exam so I decided I would head into the city and be tourist for the day. I walked over to Fisherman’s Wharf took pictures of Alcatraz and the sea lions, and of course has some clam chowder in a bread bowl. Then I walked over to Lombard street walked to the top and took a few photos there of the crooked street and the city skyline. After that I climbed some really huge hills and somehow wandered over to the Tenderloin (the “ghetto”), found BART and went back to Berkeley to take a yoga class. We had sushi for dinner with MM’s sister, who I have not seen in forever and her BF at a yummy restaurant in Oakland. Then we headed back to Berkeley and went to a brew pub for one more drink.

Nov. 14, 2009: Wine Country!

MM’s BF let us borrow his car and we headed out to Sonoma’s dry creek area for some tasty wine and leftovers from our picnic. The area is gorgeous! Rolling hills, huge estates and vines turning colors in the autumn sun. We first headed to the Michel-Schlumberger winery. They were having their annual pig roast to release their cochon sauvages Zin, but they managed to fit us in for a tasting. Their tasting room is unique, you sit at tables instead of fighting your way to a bar. They have a really beautiful porch/lawn area as well. After MM and I samples our very large pours of vino we headed to another vineyard. Quivira was was up next on the wine tour. Here we sampled some Zin which what is primarily grown in this area. The tasting room was more traditional and very crowded when we arrived. We found a spot at the bar and tasted some Zins, some grenaches and some blends, finished our picnic took some pictures with the chickens and headed back to the city.

Going back into the city we drove over the Golden Gate bridge, which is huge and really neat to see up close. Then we met some of MM’s friends at a Alembic, whiskey bar in the Haight. The drink menu here was really complex and really delicious! We hung out here talked weddings, wedding dress discounts, and ate bone marrow. Then we headed ot the next bar for beers, pizza and fernet (which is supposedly the next big thing in booze, and tastes like toothpaste). 9 pm came way too soon and it was time for me to head to the airport for my red eye back to NJ and Mr. K.

My trip to Cali was perfect, I got to do everything I wanted, with the exception of eating a San Fran burrito, which remains on the list. I got to hang out with my friends and see new cities. What more can you ask for?

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