Darn it feels good to be a gangsta

Oct. 28, 2009

lil KLately, for some reason I have been hearing a lot of parenting stories, seeing lots of iphone photos and videos of people’s children, and to top it all off a Century 21 employee tried to sell me “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments. I’m not really liking what this could be foreshadowing. But, God willing, I do know that at some point in my life all the advice and stories that I’m hearing may come in handy, so I listen and I watch and I learn.

So last night at the bar CM and I started chatting with this man, he seemed to be a pretty interesting dude, he shared his life story and then began talking about his kids. He is a widower and has three girls all under the age of 13. In my opinion, he has a different take on parenting. Here are a few things he shared about his parenting technique:

  • Enroll you children in self defense class early in life. Apparently his oldest is a black belt in some sort of self defense technique
  • Meet your child’s friend’s parents. It’s much easier to weed out the bratty kids if you find out who the bratty parents are. The technique: Invite all your kid’s friend’s parents over before the slumber party and tell them that if their kid acts up you will give them a beat down. Any parent who does not like this idea probably had a kid deserving of a beat down.
  • There is a fine line between fear and respect. Your children should respect you but not fear you. It seemed to me that this man used a little more of the fear tactic to earn his kids respect, but hey whatever works.

These three techniques seemed a little unconventional to me. However I am a fan of the second bullet, and possible the first – as long as my kids doesn’t find out that s/he can physically fight me and win.


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