Oct. 24, 2009

This weekend is homecoming at William and Mary College, Mr. K’s alma mater. I, an MU alum have never been to his campus before. Saturday morning we rolled out of bed, and tried to rehydrate at the homecoming football game. Mr. K gave me a quick tour of part of the campus, and we kissed on and walked over Crim Dell bridge. Apparently you will marry the person with whom you walk over the bridge, the only way to get out of marrying that person is to then push them off of the bridge, which I found out can be very dangerous to the person falling off the bridge. So hopefully Mr. K will not try and push me off the next time we return.

After re-living Mike D’s drunk driving story and walking past one of his old frat houses and dorms, we reached the tailgate area. I have never been to an official parking lot tailgate, I’ve tailgated other places but not in a parking lot. They had a really nice set up catered food, kegs, an SUV with a bar in the back, canopies for when it rained, and a nice grassy knoll where the kids could play. Yes, I said kids. The host of the tailgate hired college students to babysit their kids, one was rumored to have been a face painting clown. This is an ingenious idea, it’s the best of both worlds, you get to drink, hang out with your friends, and still be able to see that your kids have not been abducted by the college sitters. I am being opened up to a world of possibilities of entertaining and being entertained post kids. Something I had my doubts about two days ago.

I am hoping that this year will be the year when I learn about living and entertaining with kids. Right now I like to drink and entertain, but I don’t really like kids, because the way I see it, once I have some I won’t be able to do any of the above. But this gives me hope that
 a. my kids can be well-behaved
b. I will still be able to entertain with them – at least once they are old enough to entertain themselves.


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