Oct. 25, 2009

“I think I am procrastinating about changing my name because I’m scared that I will lose my sense of self once I take your name.” Mrs. KMrs. K

So despite the fact that in this blog I call myself Mrs.K, in real life I am still Mrs. R. I have not yet changed my name officially or unofficially. All through highschool and college I was HR or RA, up until now I never really thought much of it, I didn’t feel like I was attached to my last name. I never had a problem with taking my husbands last name, and I still don’t have a problem with it, I want to take Mr. K’s last name. But for some reason I can’t seem to do it.

Sunday morning Mr. K and I went for a run through colonial Williamsburg/more of the W&M campus, and grabbed sandwiches with Mr. and Mrs. W at  the Cheeseshop. After hearing how it had the best, most addictive sandwiches, we figured it was worth a try. It was worth the hype and the wait – the wheat bread was pretty phenomenal! We went to Richmond and met Mr. and Mrs. W’s family and hung out in their beautiful house until our flight.

Once on the plane I brought up my name change. I hadn’t realized it before, but part of me is scared that I will lose my sense of self once I take on the K last name. I know that this is silly, I know that I will not magically morph into a different person, once I go from R to K – I will be the same person I was a Mrs. R. But I am a little sad to see my name and nicknames disappear. HK is foreign to me – the first time one of my friends referred to me as HK it took me a few minutes to figure who they were talking about.

I also did not consider the fact that my comment would hurt Mr. K. I really did not mean for it to be hurtful it was just a series of thought going through my mind. The name change issue had been biting at me for a while, and I couldn’t figure out where my hesitation came from. Now that I have figured out where my fear and hesitation stems from, it’s easier to confront it.  I am going to change my name both officially and unofficially, once I figure out how to exactly start that process!


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