Oct. 23, 2009

Baby on BoardAir Force One has shut down JFK airport. We literally got on the plane and 5 minutes later they announced that because Obama want to land, we cannot take off. So there we all sat for the next two hours. As we sat there trying to entertain ourselves I couldn’t help but notice that there were two babies on the plane. Their occasional screams and swine flu sounding cough made sure that I knew they were on board. But the screaming and crying was only occasional – these babies were very well behaved. Which got me wondering what these parents were doing to keep their babies so calm and quiet.

Mr. K and I travel a lot, we are flying/driving somewhere two to three weekend out of the month. Once we have kids we might not travel as often, but I still want to keep traveling. So how do we have the baby that is quiet, calm, and well mannered while traveling? Is it the luck of the genetic draw, similar to how some babies are blond and others are brunette, some babies scream on planes and some babies sleep. Or is there some sort of magic potion you can give them that will just knock them out for the next 6 hours? Or do babies just automatically fall asleep when they enter a moving object – kinda like myself. Now I know this last one can’t be true because we have all been on that flight where the baby will not stop screaming. So I guess when the time comes I will just have to chat it up with other marrieds who travel with their youngins to find out the secret of their success. Or I will have to pack my child up in a box and mail him to my parents whenever Mr. K and I plan on traveling.


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