Moving In

Oct. 21, 2009

As we sat on our “new” couch sipping champagne out of the same glass (we could only find one champagne glass), between our half opened boxes Mr. K and I came to the shared realization that this kinda sucks. Mr. K’s commute time has practically tripled, and mine has grown by about 15 minutes, and taking the bus to the path is not at all convenient.

We then dropped the negative vibes and concentrated on how things will more than likely get better. We have been spoiled with our penthouse apartment with the 500 square foot terrace, just 10-20 minutes away from where we work, and a short walk from our favorite restaurants. So of course our attic apartment in the burbs of Jersey City, where we have to transfer during our lengthy commute seems unbearable at the moment. Eating microwave dinners in our shamble of an apartment forces the outlook to be grim. So it’s time to pack up the grim attitude and focus on all the good, and I feel like there is potential for there to be a whole lotta good here.

What I would like to get out of our four months in Jersey is a neat experience, which will hopefully lead to a slower paced homey life, without the huge distractions that the city offers. I have a few things that I would like to accomplish in these next four months and I’m hoping to find the motivation to do them, during the winter months when most everyone stays inside anyways.


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