Out with the Old

Oct. 18, 2009

I have come to realize that I am responsible for most, if not all of the negative thoughts that run through my head. They hold me back keeping me stuck in the same spot that I have been in for the past few years. I need to start acting instead of thinking, and take responsibility for the choices that I have made in my life. I am the only one responsible for the choices I have made, and therefore I am also responsible for the outcome.

I will stop spreading my disappointment and dislike to the other people in my life. My negativity should not be shared with others. I am the one who decides how my choices impact my life so from here on out there will be no more complaining about:

  • Moving to Jersey City. It is a perfectly fine place to live, many people live there and our apartment is big
  • My job. I give my job meaning so I if I want to make it mean that I am the master of the universe and that none of these people could survive without me, then that is what it now means.
  • Money. I spent the last 5 days living in an NYC hotel taking cabs everywhere and eating out everyday.
  • My father. I am no longer a child, and I don’t need to be acting like one

So from here on out it’s positive action only, I refuse to remain stagnant. I see Mr. K creating goals and his motivation is through the roof. I refuse to be the heavy dead weight that gets dragged around in our relationship. I need to add to its richness instead of sucking out all the nutrients.


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