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Oct. 19, 2009

A few years ago Mr. K told me that it was his dream to someday move out west, at the time I was not the biggest fan of this dream. I wanted to stay in NYC – I didn’t feel like I had truly experienced all this city has to offer. So it was then and there that I made a list of things I wanted to do before I leave New York.

So many people fantasize about living in this city, and there I was taking it for granted, barely taking advantage of anything it has to offer. I did not want to leave the city with the regret that I never fully lived in the city.

Last night I checked two more bullet points off of my list:

  • Eat at a Food Network chef restaurant
  • Eat at a dessert bar

Yum in the tum!To celebrate the fact that we were able to sell the apartment we went out to dinner at Casa Mono, Mario Batalli’s restaurant. Now I’m having a little internal conflict, because I’m not sure if Mario is still on the Food Network, so I’m not sure if I can officially check this item off my list. Anyways, I was excited to finally spend a little quality alone time with Mr. K, and some yummy food. We talked about how our life together doesn’t seem to be slowing down, our schedule is always full of some obligation or adventure. We chatted about the future and when we thought we were going to have some down time, the conclusion we reached was never. But in amidst all this the “us” talk, we also talked about the food:

  • Razor clams: I have seen these on every cooking show lately, and now I know why – they were scrumptious, not overly chewy and full of flavor, although on some bites that flavor was a little heavy on the garlic
  • Pork croquettes and fried green tomatoes: the croquettes had a good crunch, but it was hard to get the pork flavor when eaten with the tomatoes, sauce and other garnishes
  • Duck egg: this was the highlight of the meal. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Mr. K’s and my fav of the night.
  • Shrimp w/squid ink rice: the best shrimp I have ever eaten! – although way small for more than one person. The rice was tasty, the squid ink gave it a nice seafood flavor.
  • Chorizo and Bean stew: this dish was a flavor party, and had a more “hearty” feel to it. I preferred the darker sausage to the redder sausage.

After dinner we made a brief pit stop at Barnes and Noble to check out some books on Africa then we decided to check another item offBest Cheesecake Ever! my list and headed to ChikaLicious, a dessert bar. We sat at the bar and watched the chefs create all the tiny mouth watering desserts. They have a pre-fixe menu where you get an amuse bouche, dessert, and petit fours. Here is what we sampled:

  • Dulche de leche panna cotta with lemon sorbet: the lemon sorbet was spot on – the best I’ve ever had, and the panna cotta was super creamy and sweet. Both of them together did a dance in my mouth. This is my second fav of the night.
  • Cheesecake: this cheesecake was very light and airy, and didn’t have that distinct cheesecake taste. It was the perfect density and sooo creamy
  • Almond cream puff with concord grape sorbet: this dish was the most interesting; it has some sort of seaweed jelly which was cool to look at but didn’t really taste like much. The concord sorbet was the highlight of this dish. The first grape flavor that I have had that does not taste like dimatab.
  • Steamed Fig Pudding Cake: My favorite of the night. This cake was so moist and delicious and I enjoyed the crunch of the seeds. Sooooo good! Mr. K’s fav too.
  • Petit fours: coconut marshmallow: that I want for my pillow, truffles: I loved the crunch as you bite into it, and shortbread cookie.

We went out with a bang – such a fabulous way to spend our last night in the city together. Now it’s off on our next adventure in Jersey City, where about 20 boxes are waiting for us to unpack them.


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  1. JeLisa.Galen replied:

    How funny! I totally, randomly stumbled upon your blog, and it’s interesting that I did! I live in San Francisco with my own Mr., and he’s also desiring to move as I’m wanting to hold on to living someplace beautiful like this and contemplating all the things I need to do more often (starting now!) to take advantage of living here!

    So anyway, nice to sort of look into a mirror, if you will. 🙂

    Anyway, enjoyed your blog!

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