Oct. 16, 2009

So this weekend I am participating in Landmark Education. I am skeptical, I am resisting, I have no idea why or how my butt landed in that chair a little after 9 am this morning. But I decided to keep an open mind, and I decided to actively listen to what was being said. I have to admit I did end up sleeping through most of the am part of the session (I honestly tried to stay awake and listen, but somehow I turned narcoleptic). Throughout the day I listened to the other participants complain about their lives, I tried to relate parts of my life to their, and thought about if what the forum leader was saying could somehow impact my life. But most importantly I waited for my life to be unexpected explosively changed. It didn’t happen. However I did learn about integrity, and that I am only as good as my spoken word and the promises that I make and break to others. That I found to be powerful. I also found that many of my spoken words are ugly.

I spoke to people about why they were there, tried to explain to people why I was there, went to dinner with them and discussed this even more. It was comforting to know that many other people weren’t quite sure how they got here either.

Well it’s the end of the first day and I don’t feel nothing but resentment. I’m tired, I spent all day sitting in a chair, was given only twoInconveniently placed “lunch breaks”, and a decent 1.5 hour dinner break. I like to do lunch around 1 pmish. These breaks took place at noon and then 3 pm, not cool with my normal schedule.

So now it’s time for the homework and there is more of it than I thought. I have no interest in writing a letter to someone taking responsibility for how I destroyed the relationship, and then calling them up at 11something at night and sharing it with them. It is Inappropriateto be calling people after 11 pm, and most of my friends are probably drunk, which would not be ideal for sharing. But I reminded myself that I am keeping an open mind and wrote my letter anyway, however I am not going ot share it, at least not tonight.


October 19, 2009. Uncategorized.

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