ViewsOct. 14, 2009

The area of Tribeca that I am staying in seems like a good baby step for all those people thinking about moving out of NYC into the burbs. It is on the other side of the West Side Highway which gives it the feel of being removed from the city. I walked across the indoor bridge and felt like I was transplanted in a different place.

The room I am staying overlooks the water, I can see the Statue of Liberty from the window. At night the Jersey skyline is lit up and gorgeous. You step out of the apartment building and there is the park on the water complete with running trails and playground seconds away.

If you are thinking about the burbs but are afraid to make that giant leap across the pond, instead take the baby step over the highway and find yourself in another world. The apartments over here are far enough away to give you the feeling of a longer commute – granted not as long as the one from Jersey, but you do have to walk a good 15-20 minutes to the subway, and you must find a bridge and cross it.

I’m  glad I get to experience this area, it’s giving me a little prep for my soon to be Jersey living. It’s getting me ready to make my leap over the pond, despite the fact that my legs are still shaking, and don’t really seem like they want to move.


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