Time Apart

Oct. 13, 2009

So I think I have seen Mr. K for a total of 6 hours since last Thursday. He had his cult seminar all last weekend and didn’t get home until after midnight, after I was asleep, with the exception of Friday night. Then he was up and out the door around 9ish, yes, I was still asleep when he left. I don’t count us sleeping together as us seeing each other since my eyes are closed and I don’t see anything but what happens in my dreams.

Monday – he had the day off and went fishing and I met up with him around 730ish, we ate with his gram then he was on a conference call for a while, then it was pretty much time for bed.

Today  – more cult activity for him after work. I worked out then went to drop the rest of our crap off at the NJ apartment, then sat and waited around for him till 11ish. Then we went to our new Tribeca apartment and went to bed.

Wednesday – yet more cult activity till about 11, so I will be hanging out with my new apartment friends, and probably going to bed right as he arrives.

This weekend –  I am trying out the cult activity so I will pretty much be gone from 9 am till sometime in the evening.

Plus we still have picked up our proofs! The picture from our wedding that actually proves that we tied the knot, which got me thinking, did Mr. K marry me or this cult??

He used a few of his vacation days for the cult seminars, and now has none left to take off during the holidays, when we go home to Cleveland. So now I get a rushed trip home for the holidays. Back when we were talking about him doing the seminars – a few extra days here and there didn’t seem to matter, I thought “it won’t affect me” Now I’m starting to realize that it does.


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