Good Ol’ Days

Oct. 11, 2009

This weekend has been a little surreal. I grew up on the upper east side, and by grew up I mean spent the my adolescent years of my NYC life there, learning many lesson that only this city can teach. So this weekend was a bit of a blast from my past. Mr. K was pretty much absent from this weekend, and I spent most of my time with CM and HB, just like the good ol’ days, and as you will read many of the events from the good ol’ days seemed to repeat themselves:

  • Friday night was happy hour at House of Brews, the “original happy hour bar” pre Mustangs, pre Santa Fe, pre Canyon Road.
  • Followed by a drunken trip to Duane Reade for more beers. Now you all may not may remember stumbling around Duane Reade all those years ago, but I do and I could swear you all were right there with me!
  • Drinking games with 40’s – I can’t remember the last time I had a 40 before this weekend.
  • The late night return of HB’s rugby friend
  •  CM and I eating chips and dip on the living room floor after the bar
  • Pee stained rug

Yep, those are a few key events that happened my first year in the life of NYC – the only thing missing was a random bar makeout. And now, yet again, I will leave the upper east side to live downtown (way downtown) with Mr. K. So I guess history does repeat itself, or at least parts of it do.


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