Oct. 9. 2009

Last night as Mr. K was attending his seminar, improving his life, I was heading to the bar. My intention was to have two or three drinks, go home eat dinner, work on some stuff and maybe even get a workout in. I spoke to Mr. K assuring him that there was no way I would be out later than 12:30 am. I had a plan and I was sticking to it, plus I have the only set of keys so if I’m not home he has to figure out a way into the apartment. I promised to call if I would be late.

Well needless to say one drink turned into who knows how many and 6 pm quickly turned into 11:45 pm. I found myself at Red, the K-town bar where all of my friends have been partying the past couple of weeks. I found this to be weird since none of our apartments are super close to that area, and none of us are asian. But the drinks were good, JH got us the special reserved table, and the DJ played all my requests. In my drunken stupor I forgot to call Mr. K. Around 12:45 am I went to text him, but my phone had died. So I grabbed CM’s and saw a message from Mr. K, “Do you know where Mrs. K is? I have been trying to reach here but haven’t gotten and answer.” After about 5 minutes I finally figured out how to send a message back letting him know all is good. Only all was not good he had no idea where I was, and had no way of contacting me to know if I was OK.

Mr. K worries about me when I go out just like I worry about him when he goes out, and fails to call if he is out too late. The feeling of not knowing where someone is and not being able to contact them is not a good one, it’s terrifying. I don’t want to make Mr. K feel that way, so I’m not a mission to do better than I did last night.


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