The Great Goodbye

Oct. 7, 2009

I kept waiting for my eyes to well up with tears, and for all the emotion to come. As I swept the floor in 817 for the last time, I was surprised that I wasn’t sad over leaving this apartment. I am a crier, I cry a lot at everything  – it’s a trait that was passed down to me from my great grandma. All of the ladies on my mom’s side are criers. But recently I have had two breakthroughs:

I did not spend my entire wedding day sobbing, red faced and puffy eyed

I did not even tear up when I locked the door of 817 for the last time

This was a big apartment for me. I moved in and lived with a boy for the very first time in this apartment. My parents met one set of Mr.K’s parents at a BBQ we had at this apartment, I became engaged while living here, and planned our wedding and got married while living here. You would think there would be some sort of emotional connection, but there wasn’t. In the end it was just an apartment. Losing  it doesn’t mean that the memories are also lost. The bare walls and empty room made me realize that my life along with everything in it has moved on out to Jersey City, where my new memories are waiting for me to create them.

But now it’s off to the country home to spend a little QT with its fabulous residents!


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