Oct. 6, 2009

Growing up  my friends consisted of the neighborhood kids. My best friend lived across the street. My other best friend lived right nextdoor. We ran around the hood, playing hide-n-seek and riding bikes from the minute school let out till the sun went down -barely breaking for homework and dinner. Those were the good old carefree days, when digging up worms and watching them fry in the sun was the only thing you had to do during your day.

In college I also had some frickin’ fun neighbors. We ended up with four dudes living literally in our backyard during senior year. During the course of that year – I came thisclose to almost dying in their backyard, created Sex and the City Sundays, had wars over the stolen Jesus, the occasional hookup (ooops) and Prom Night – complete with balloons and streamers that later set our house on fire, for the first time. But even though we share all these memories, I’m only good friends with one of my neighbors – he was at my wedding and my mom refers to him as “the Yankees fan.”

312- I never had any interaction with my 312 neighbors, besides the little troll who lived downstairs and wrote us a mean note on Christmas Eve saying that it is unacceptable for us to be stomping all around our apartment at 3 a.m.

817 – Mr. K and I got to know quite a few people while living in 817; we had them over for BBQ’s and beers and gave them veggies from the garden. Only, we got to know them a too late in the game – for the most part, the BBQ’s and booze didn’t start until our apartment was under contract. Last night as I ran into them in the hallway, and had one last beer with them on the patio I couldn’t help but wonder, how many of these relationships will last once I leave Penny Lane? Out of all the neighbors I have had in my life, I have remained in contact with 3 – two from childhood, and one from college. So many great people move in and out of your life, while only a handful stay. 

But then again that was before the times of social networking, where keeping in touch is only one share click away!


October 7, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. hgrey825 replied:

    I totally forgot about Jesus and just remembered that weird workout belt that moved. Ahh good times!

  2. Papillon replied:

    Ha! Where did they get that thing?? I can’t believe our house almost burnt down twice.

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