Not Again

Oct. 2009

3:45 am “What are you doing over there?” Mr. K

” I’m trying to figure out where I put my bracelet before we went to bed.” Me

For Christmas a few years a go Mr. K bought me a bracelet, my frist piece of nice jewelry. It was beyond beautiful.

Flash forward to March 2008. We are at a wedding in Texas dancing maybe a little too crazy. At the after party in the hotel lobby bar I glance down at my wrist and notice that the bracelet is gone. I begin to panic. We retrace our every step from the car to the hotel room to the reception area, we  scoured the ground for the shiny bobble. On my third visit to the reception hall I see what appears to be a piece of tin foil, but actually turns out to be the bracelet. I immediately begin to cry.

Flash forward again to Oct. 2 – Mr.K’s cousins wedding at Bryant Park Grill. Again crazy dancing ensues. After the reception we head home in a drunken stupor. 3:45 am I wake up with a start, check my wrist and panic that my bracelet is not there. So I immediately check my dresser, not there either. Mr. K wakes up and we frantically search the apt, nothing. Then we decide to head to the Grill and see if anyone is there to let us search. We persuade the barely english speaking worker to let us in and we search all over. nothing.

Disappointed we head back to Gramercy to get some sleep, and do a all out search for our apartment the next day. Thus far our search efforts have found nothing, and we move out Monday. Hopefully the new owner will not be inheriting my bracket, along with the rest of the apartment.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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