No Longer the New Newlyweds

Oct. 2009

“You guys are the oldest married couple in the bar” Jy – during their engagment party drinks

By that I think she meant that out of everyone there Mr. K and I have been married the longest – at a whole 2.5 weeks of wedded bliss! This has never happened before in a room full of Mr. K’s friends. Ever since the CA wedding I have been the newbie – we have had the newest relationship. I can still remember when I was introduced to everyone and their wives on the rooftop of the Standard. I remember thinking wow, everyone knows each other and about each other, I feel awkward.

When it comes to Mr. K’s friends I feel like we have been the new relationship, newly dating, newly engaged, newly married, we are about 5 steps behind his other friends – they were all married by the time we started dating, all having kids by the time we were engaged and married. This does not bother me.

What bothers me is that this weekend Mr.K’s cousin is getting married taking away our title of the newlyweds. We will no longer be the new newlyweds. We have always been the new something or other! I don’t want to give up our title, it has barely been a month, people should still be commenting on our wedding! We haven’t even opened all of our wedding gifts – we should be the newlyweds not them.

Ok, my tantrum is over now, but I guess this is the last piece of the wedding that I am holding on to. It was easy acknowledging that the planning was over, and that the honeymoon has ended, but this I’m just not ready to hand over. But nonetheless I will go to the wedding tonight cheer on the new newlyweds, and indulge at the bar – since for the guests weddings are mostly about the open bar anyways ;). I kid (kinda).dip


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