What do Married People Do?

Oct. 1, 2009

“When you move out to Jersey City and get settled you can finally do what married people do. If you find out what that is please let me know!” Mlove mugs

Sitting at lunch talking with my friends M and C the subject of my move came up. I told them we found an apt. out in Jersey City, which of course prompted everyone to laugh. C lives in the city, and M lives in the now ultra hip borough of Brooklyn.

They asked about the Jersey City scene (which I know nothing about) I said we can drive to dinner, order take out, maybe open wedding presents (finally!), to which M said you can do what married people do. This prompted the question “What do married people do?”

  • Pete and I moved in together about 2 years ago, so we can check that off the list – so we don’t have to merge households
  • We bought a house together pre-marriage – that isbig one that is donezo.
  • We have already renovated a house together (and part of his apt that is now sold). So that is another married couple¬†typical activity we have already accomplished.
  • consummate the marriage – checked that one off the list a while ago

So inspired by this convo I have come up with a list of things that married people do that I have not done:

  • buy a pet
  • have some babies
  • do the whole exotic honeymoon thing
  • buy and wear Mr. and Mrs. t-shirts
  • start to look like each other
  • get a divorce

So maybe our next check mark will bullet number 1 buying a pet, a cute puppy sounds nice to me.

But really what is it that married people do?

p.s. I am REALLY REALLY hoping that i never check the last bullet off of my list.


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