Moving on Up! (If Jersey counts as a step up)

Sept. 30, 2009

I don’t know if this happens to everyone after they get married, but Mr. K and I have a whole lotta change a coming our way! It has been almost one month since the we were hitched. We have opened no cards or gifts – we don’t even have any of our gifts in our possession they are scattered across the tri-state area. We barely had time to go on our 3 day mini-moon – the day after we returned it was time to start packing up our apartment.

Mr. K sold his studio apartment, that we were living in back in July. Ever since it went under contract we have been playing the “When Will The Apartment Close” guessing game. At first we were terrified that it would happen the week before the wedding, but the end of August came a went without any apt. drama. Then we were scared that it would happen the week after our wedding interfering with honeymoon plans – again no word from the buyer. So we stopped packing, started having  BBQ’s again figuring that we wouldn’t have to move till the end of Oct, since things seemed to be moving at a snails pace.

Yesterday, I get a phone call at work from Mr. K “We are closing Oct. 7 we have to be out of our apartment with everything packed by that date.” Awesome (sarcasm), we can’t move into our Jersey City place until the 18th! How are we gonna find movers, pack, and figure out were we are gonna live in a weeks time??

Well, I guess we will find out.


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