natty light - taste the rainbow“So I left the cooler at some picnic table, when I left it had some snacks, water and two natty lights. When I came back to the cooler the two natty lights were gone, just the natty lights.” Mr. K

So if I have failed to mention, me the Mr. and his dad are in Utah. Some weird stuff goes on in this town, freakin weird. So I would like to share this weirdness with all of you. I am just sad that I have not yet captured some of it on you tube:

  • Mr. K and I were looking at houses. We  came out of one with our realtor, and the neighbor comes out of their house and says ” You don’t wanna buy that house, there is a meth lab next store and you will find all kinds of weird stuff on your front lawn, empty beer bottles and human poop to name a few.” Human poop folks.
  • 13 year old kids driving around in huge pick up trucks
  • hobos bathing in the river (ok so this could be seen in NYC, but I’ve never been witness)
  • baby bathtubs complete with plumbing hanging from the ceiling, of a basement
  • super baby (ok, just kidding if the owner of this baby stumbles across this blog, but seriously 16 months, 3 feet tall, and, 23 pounds? awesome! I didn’t break 3 feet until I was in the 7th grade. Yes, I was a short chubby shrimp)

So clearly there is more than Utah than 3/2 beers, and a large population of babies.


September 29, 2009. Tags: . Travel.

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