Trail Talks

MountainsSept. 27, 2009

“We won’t be boring. As long as we are doing cool stuff and talking about how to do more of it, we won’t be a boring married couple.” Mr. K

Since we have decided to move out to the suburbs of NJ I have been slightly afraid that we will turn into a boring Jersey couple that moves out to the suburbs and slowly dies. This thought is not in the forefront of my mind but it pops in and out every once in a while.

Today Mr. K and I did a short 3 hour hike through the mountains of Utah. A lot can be discussed on a trail out in what feels like the middle of nowhere. During past hikes, Mr. K has always asked me what I want to talk about. Most wives/girlfriends would jump at this opportunity to blab on about anything for an unlimited amount of time. But me, put on the spot, usually thinks of nothing to say. My mind goes totally blank. Call it stage fright.

This time I had lots I wanted to discuss. This little trip to Utah isn’t totally leisurely. It is partially to look at investments for our future, investments that could determine where we will be spending the next few years of our lives. So during this hike we discussed in depth a plan for our possible Utah/western future. This plan is not on the map yet, but a few different trails were plotted while we were hiking our trail through the fall foliage of the mountains. So while I’m focusing on my present endeavors –  we are also trying to figure out some possible future endeavors.


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