Sept. 26, 2009

Eaves dropping on a locker room conversation pre-Saved!workout:

Young looking girl to all her friends: Yeah you know I really enjoy hanging out with my mother-in law and all of her friends. We have all become really really good friends, ya know.

Mrs. K (to herself): What the???

Eaves dropping on a locker room conversation post-workout:

Older woman: My other two single friends just got married. Now I’m like what am I supposed to do hang out with my kids??

Mrs. K (to myself): There are unmarried ladies with kids in this town?? What the??

Utah has surprised me in many ways since our bizarre relationship began in July of ’08. Some surprises have been good, some have not been good at all.

I used to think of Utah as a very religious,’ beer hatin’ state that I would never go to. It is incredibly outdoorsy, beautiful, with some decent places to eat. So now that I have been here I can’t really hate on UT. Wait, I can hate on it, I will hate on the fact that they water down all their beers – I mean come on now what am I 11? I deserve a decent beer. Especially after I have been sanding floors for 8 hours, but that is another story.

So don’t be scared of Utah. Once you get past the stereotypes- and the meth dens it is actually a decent state to vacation. So start packing your bags readers, after all it’s only a 4 hour direct flight from JFK.


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