Risky Business

Sept. 25, 2009

“Be sure that your name appears in all the same places that his does on that document.” A

A is a very smart man, who is married to a very smary lady, J. When either one of them gives me advice I listen, and sometimes even write it down to be sure I won’t forget it. So I was very proud to announce to A that I had signed and iniatilaed in all the same spots as Mr. K – ensuring that the Utah house was split equally between us. Today I head out for a four day mini-vacation to the underrated state of Utah, for a little outdoor fresh air goodness!

I accidentally stumbled across the state of Utah, when Mr. K came to me about one year ago with the proposition to buy and renovate a house. Back then I knew nothing about renovations, mortgages, financing, insurance. But there I was 25 years old wearing the hat of a married person roaming around Utah looking at beat up houses with my boyfriend, not finacee, not husband, but boyfriend. Lots of people think it’s a huge risk for a couple to get their finances tangled up before they are married – me included. But Mr. K is a risk taker and apparently now so am I.

Marriage is a risk. Not only are your lives completely entertwined, but the lives of your familes, friends, and kids also become entertwined at various degreess in your marriage. There is a lot that comes along with those I do’s and the kiss. You have to have the utmost faith and trust in the other person, which is not easy in the beginning, but it’s gets easier, until it just flows. Having an infinite amount of trust in another person, being completely volunerable with then and completely joyus with them, has to be the 8th wonder of the world, because once you find that place you will never want to leave.


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