Breathing Room

Sept. 25, 2009

You haven’t been acting like yourself lately, you’ve been acting all crazy. I know you are stressed out but I’ve never seen you act this way.” Mr. K

I haven’t been acting like myself lately. Normally I see myself as a calm laid back person, who doesn’t really feel stress. I have my moments of attitude and anger and I do have freak outs, but lately I have noticed my care free self being replaced by some sort of psycho.

It is my strong belief that you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with another person. I believe that you need to balance your “me” time with the time you spend with everyone else. If I don’t get enough “me” time it throws my whole persona out of whack.

I’m not a people pleaser, typically I have no problem saying no to people if I feel like I need some me yoga time or me reading time. Lately, I have been the YES woman. Accepting every social engagement, hosting too many social engagements, completely packing my weeknights with everyone but myself. I cannot maintain my happy self if I don’t give myself some breathing room every once in a while. I love Mr.K and my friends, but I have a complete lack of down time with all the apartment moving, patio BBQ’s, football watching and happy hours consuming all of my time. I need to get back on my regular schedule, so I can be relaxing and unwinding, instead of picking up empty beer bottles scattered around my apartment at 3 am every night.

So hopefully this mini Utah vacation will help me get myself back in sync, so I can be more relaxed with myself, Mr. K and my friends!


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