Sept. 23, 2009

“It’s like the doormen just know that you are no long fresh meat in the city, and that instead you are tired and jaded.” Memap_meatpacking_300

Lately some of my discussions have been remember when we used to go to the Meatpacking – it was so much fun why did we stop going there? Well, last night I found myself back in very familar cobblestone territory.

Newsflash: There are still trendy people going to the Meatpacking District. I figured that everyone else just like me stopped going down to Gansevoort to club hopping all night long.

Last night we went to the Highline, the new park built on the old railroad tracks running along NYC’s west side. The Highline exceeded my expectations, the architecture is beautiful and just like the rest of the Meatpacking very trendy. So grab your beau or your girls, a bottle of wine and head down to the Highline for some prime people watching.

After the Highline it was time for a drink so we sauntered over to The Standard’s beer gardens – which was closed for a private party – on a Wednesday night. We head to the hotel lobby bar it was packed – the hotel lobby bar mind you, with people dressed to the nines, all out heels and mini dresses. Suddenly I felt out of place in my jeans and tank. So we headed to Gaslight cause we knew it was passe and no one would be there, but even at Gaslight there were model like ladies lounging at the bar in their short shorts leather jackets and heels.

Being in my old stompin’ grounds brought back memories of dancing till 6 am, cutting the lines with ease, secret VIP areas, proposals, all my fantastic memories of my first year in the city. But it also made me realize that I am just as happy sitting in Pete’s Tavern drinking a Blue Moon as I was dancing on the banquette with my $15 martini.

I, just like the Meatpacking district have changed – I no longer recognize most of the names hanging off the sides of the buildings, and I no longer feel the need to enter any of them. So it’s pretty safe to say that you won’t find me in my hot pink mini dress reminscient of  Kelly Kapowski standing outside of the velvet rope any time soon – but with my new bangs I could probably do a pretty killer bangs side swoop that could rival Kelly’s. So maybe I do have one last hurrah left in me after all!


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