We are family

Sept. 21, 2009

round one - WY“I had bought the ring and was driving to see my girlfriend, when I called her dad to ask for her hand in marriage. When I told him I wanted to ask his permission to marry his daughter he basically said we need to have a meeting and talk about this with the family” Eric the golfer.

They say you don’t just marry your fiancee, you marry their entire family. I have found this to be very true. Before I even married Pete I think I married his family. The first vacation that I took with Mr. K was with his mom and sister to WY. The second long vacation I took with Pete was with his mom and gram to WY – notice a trend here?

The first time I met Mr. K’s mom was when we were taking a vacation at the family shorehouse. Friday rolled around, and one second we were sitting on the couch the next minute I was bombarded by family – I didn’t know which one his mother was until about 30 minutes after I met her. Not quite the first impression I was hoping to make.

So in my opinion it’s almost more important that you get along with your fiancee’s family better than you get along with him, especially if they live in the tri-state area – cause you will be seeing them more than you think.

It took me a while to build relationships with members of Mr. K’s family. I have gotten to know Mr. K’s sister the best. I was nervous to ask her to be in my bridal party – I was luck y that she said yes because it was during this time that I felt like I got to know her. I got to know her in a deeper level than on the night of the New Year’s Eve jaegerrita shots. She fit right in with all of my friends most of which she barely knew if she knew them at all. And all of my friends thought she was a really awesome lady. Most importantly she fit right in with me. We were the only ones having so much fun at the scavenger hunt that we refused to return to the room on time, and as a result were penalized harshly for our behavior. We totally should have won!

So even though you can pick who you fall in love with, you can’t pick their family, so the next time you go on that first date you better have your fingers crossed that not only is the dude a keeper, but that his family is too.round two - WY


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