sailing on the OrienSept. 20, 2009

“When someone has a passion that they love to talk about they instantly become more attractive to me.” Captain E

Today I was lucky enough to go sailing. It was awesome, not only because it’s something that I have never done before, but because the captain of the boat was so totally psyched his passion with us.

Everyone has a story to tell, but do you have a passion? My passion is taking a sabbatical. I used to eat, breath and speak horse. It was what got me though every single day during my adolescence and highschool. Every weekend I was at the barn bright and early, and during the summer I was there every chance I got. As college approached my parents decided that horseback riding wasn’t a proper career choice and forced me to stop. So instead of spending my weekends at the barn I spent them getting drunk with my friends. But my the flame has not burnt out, there is still a weak flicker somewhere deep down inside – after all I can’t really ride a horse to work through the streets of New York.

One of the things that really attracted me to Mr. K was his passion for skiing, the outdoors all things rugged. Because of his passions I was exposed to a whole new world of experience – like skiing on a real actual mountain – in Ohio all we have a bunny hills. An important part of a relationship is sharing new and different experiences with the other person, making those special unforgettable memories. That is where the real sexiness comes in, not in the hair cut, or the shoes, it’s the fire in their eyes when they speak about something that they love – that they want to share with you.


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