Jersey City

Sept. 19, 2009

this will not be me within the next year“Yeah someone will send out and e-mail saying meet us at the bar on Sunday at 1 pm, sure enough about 15 parents with strollers roll into the bar, we all drink and our kids run around like crazy.” Jersey Mike

Is that my future, drinking with my young children at a Jersey bar? Chugging beers while they while they sext each other (God knows by the time I have kids they will probably be sexting at age 5). Up until now I always criticised parents for rolling into the NYC bar with their huge strollers for football Sunday. Now Im beginning to think that it’s their only choice if they want to have any type of social life after the kids start popping out. To be honest, well now it doesn’t sound all that bad especially if everyone’s doin’ it.

Jersey is not my city, it’s barely a city at all. As my as I say I’m ready to leave my city, maybe I’m not. Or maybe I’m not ready to leave it for the poser across the river. It hurts a little bit knowing that NYC is so close yet so far away, teasing me with her familiar skyline.

We have to move our apartment is sold, we are looking at two places in Jersey City. One is close to bars, restaurants, the path, bright and cheery, but a little small. The other is close to nothing a little dark, but large and in charge – not to mention cheaper.

So what do we choose? Actually, what do I choose. I have been told the decision is mine. I hold our apartment fate in the palm of my hand.

What do I do admit defeat and move out to the burbs before my time? Or Take the baby step and move to the “city” Jersey style?


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