Scrooge Syndrome

Sept. 16, 2009

Scene 1:
Cleveland Mom: “Is the bathroom downstairs” said frizzy blonde lady.
Mrs. K: “Yes”
Cleveland Mom: “My daughter just moved here from Cleveland”
Mrs. K: “I’m from Cleveland” (said with a little too much enthusiasm)
Cleveland Mom: “You have to talk to her!”

And talk to her I did. I told her to go to all the hot bars, drink the specialty martinis, talk to strangers – do it all. Because this is the ripe time in your life – before all the responsibilities really set in, when you hold all of NYC in the palm of your hand. My first year in NYC was one of the best of my life, running around with my best friends living life like tomorrow didn’t matter. I did censor my conversation so I wouldn’t scare the bejesus out of the mom, but the mom knew what was up. She said “my daughter is either never coming home or coming home in three months.”
Well spoken, for I was the daughter that never came home.

Scene 2:
Mrs. K: “I just met a bunch of people from Cleveland, looks like you and PhillyK are having serious conversation do you need me to go and talk to someone else?”
Mr. K: “Well I don’t want to kick you out but we’re getting into some serious stuff, I would like to finish talking to PhillyK”
Scene 3:
Mrs. K: “Hi, I need to find someone to talk to, what is your favorite type of hard liquor, mine is gin.”
NewBaby: “Wow gin really that is tough, I’m more of a whiskey drinker.”
Mrs. K “I just got married and my husband is talking serious stuff with his sister and I don’t wanna go over there and feel awkward.”
NewBaby: “Congrats! My wife and I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and he is the best thing in my life”

So there I was in Pete’s Tavern talking to my life’s past, present and God willing, future. Looking into these people’s eyes I saw the same glimmer of excitement that I had 5 years ago, while lugging garbage chair up to the unfurnished apartment, and the same glimmer of excitement that I have now as I guess at what the future has in store for me.

If there is one thing that this city is good for it is meeting people, granted they are not always good people, but everyone once in a while they are not good, they are amazing. The chance meeting that can and will change your life forever – as it did mine about 4.5 years ago.


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