Booze and BBQ’s

Sept. 15, 2009
Unknowingly to us Mr. K and I have started a social experiment aka “booze and BBQ” on the patio. We compile a random selection of people on the patio mix a little conversation, wine, and grilled meats and live the outcome. None of our random selection have met each other prior to the booze and BBQ, but a very awesome and entertaining night ensues.

It all started by accident. We wanted to make the most out of the patio while we still have it. We invited two couples over who had never met before most of whom I have never met before and just let the night and the wine drive itself where it wanted to go. It was totally new experience for me since I am used to partying with the same sets of people, and sometimes we do end up talking in circles about the same set of things. Don’t get me wrong I always have an amazing time with Pete and I’s circles of friends, but it’s interesting to throw a few randoms into the mix every once in a while.

So instead of inviting people who all have shared interests to your next dinner party, just reach into a hat and pull out some names, chances are they will get along better than Sam who owns an internet company and John who programs websites.

Side note: there will some awkward silences in which you should feel free to pick up the wine bottle state that you found it during you latest trip to SB and get that conversation flowing, almost as fast as the booze!
booze and BBQ Patio


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