Sept. 14, 2009
For as long as I have known him, my hubby’s dream has been to someday move out west into ski territory – specifically to the very small town of Jackson Hole, WY. I have known this was coming all throughout our relationship and have willing accepted it, because I know that I could never be the one to take this away from him. I have not yet discovered my dream, so why should I stop him from pursuing his? Especially since I don’t think mine exists here in NYC, for all I know it will be found while he is fulfilling his.
Leaving the city means leaving my friends behind. I have never been one to have huge groups of friends. My closest friend exist in one small tight knit circle that I have known for a very long portion of my 27 years on this earth. We have been there for every major events of our lives. About half of them live right here in NYC. I have never been without them, even though I almost lost one of them. If you saw me crying during this time it was probably because of the despair that I felt over actually completely losing one of my best friends, and the helpless feeling of not knowing how to find her again. But the best thing about true friends is that it is hard to lose them – they take the good and the bad and no matter what the outcome keep coming back for more – even if the comeback takes a very long time.
So needless to say it scares me to think that I will not be an uptown bus ride away from them. It scares my Hub too, he is nervous- feels like he would be taking me away from them. But this is my real life, and not an episode of friends. I know that I am ready for this change to happen – that my friends will be there even if I can no longer take a bus to reach them, and that I will have my husband close by to lean on and to get me through whatever comes my way until the end of time.


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