Barefood Contessa

chiliSept. 10, 2009 

I have definitely not reached Barefoot status, and I’m not sure that I ever will. Plus I know she is a total swinger and I’m definitely not into that, but then again give it 10-15 years and I might be singing a different tune ;).

I have a secret dream of being a food network chef, and to help me attain this dream I try to cook dinner at the very least three times a week. Some of my attempts have been huge failures:

  • burned the brown rice

  • tomato soup explosion, which scalded my arms and plastered my kitchen with red chunks

  • clumps of green bean casserole

  • eggs over HARD

But a few things that been awesome:

  • oven fried chicken

  • turkey meatloaf

  • yummy red snapper

But you can’t put your failures against your successes in cooking, just like in life. Each day we all have the opportunity to change things in our lives, but we are scared that the risk will blow up in our face. If you really think about it each failure is really a success. We learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves because of them. If we didn’t give ourselves these opportunities to learn and grow we would still be the exact same person we were in our youth. We should look at life like a giant cooking lesson, if you burn the rice, throw that mess out and start again. One of these times it will turn how just how you wanted it.


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