The Morning After

6 a.m., Sept. 6, 2009. This morning I woke up feeling different –I had the most beautiful feeling. Our wedding was perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing and I have absolutely no regrets. I was present for every second of that day. Every detail, every spoken word is burned into my memory. Everyone says the day goes by so fast and that you will hardly remember anything, well I remember everything.

I would like to share a few thoughts with you that I had in the days leading up to my wedding:

  • All the planning, worrying and work must stop the second you walk into your rehearsal dinner and cannot resume

  • Go to the bar for a nightcap after the dinner and go to the after party after that! My 1 a.m. dance party in 1704 won’t soon be forgotten, just try and avoid the vodka shots. Memories aren’t made getting 10 hours of beauty rest.

  • Pictures before the ceremony are a must do in my book, seeing each other before erases all the nervousness.

  • Eat and drink all you guest will be tipsy – you can be too

  • Bring it! You know what it is, so BRING IT!

If I could I would recreate last night every Saturday night for the rest of my life!


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