Sept 5, 2009

“I think we are testing each other to see if we are lemons” my fiancee said after we had just pulled ourselves out of a very bad place. For about two weeks prior to our wedding we got into many arguments – not the silly what color should the napkins be argument but the serious stuff. We seemed to be having a difference of opinion on everything, and our constantly compatible personalities were constantly clashing.

After over four years of dating my fiancee, I feel confident in saying that I knew him better than anyone else. I never once thought that we would test our love for one another so hard so close to the wedding. It terrified me and him to the point that if we didn’t have this underlying strong understanding of one another the wedding might have been canceled that Saturday night one week before it was supposed to happen.

What I learned was that we were always able to talk our way through our last minute doubts and despite our best efforts to find them – there are no fatal flaws in our relationship. I can now say that I without a doubt know for sure that this is the man I can spend the rest of my days with and never have one second of regret. So don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and push the love in your relationship. How else will you actually know if you love exists?


September 9, 2009. Uncategorized.

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