Sept. 7, 2009 

Pre-wedding I didn’t think twice about not taking an extended honeymoon to some exotic land. Now that I am on my mini honeymoon in Montreal I see the importance of taking some time off from everything and everyone – just the two of us. I wish I had more time for my body to totally decompress from all the stress and panic that took it over for the past month, not to mention spending some stress free time with the new hubby. It is a lovely feeling to know that all I have to do is eat, drink and watch the sunset over the city from my private balcony. Do I miss reminiscing about the weekend with my friends? Of course, but there is plenty of time for that, right now the only thing I want to do is chill and hit up the spa. If I had the opportunity to change my decision I would totally choose to take the long lavish honeymoon. The mini Montreal honeymoon is a tease taunting me because I know I have to be back at work on Wednesday. So as you go through you wedding planning process and think about the honeymoon, go for it. Take the two weeks off and don’t let anyone make you feel like you shouldn’t. It’s the wedding right of passage. So go forth have some good sexy time and decompress, trust me you will thank yourself the second you step off the plane.


September 9, 2009. Tags: , , . Travel.

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