Day 4

Sept. 29, 2009Pony

It’s the last day of the Utah vacation. This vacation has been different from all of our trips to UT. This was not a house renovations trip, it was a get to know the town trip. So I tried my best to get to know our houses, the roads, the “city” and the valley. I wanted to spend one day as if it were my home. What would my routine be? So  I frequented the gym, walked around the “city” drove around by myself. But as I stood on the people mover at the airport on the way to my gate, I felt the slight pang of disappointment.

I don’t know if it was disappointment in the “city”, the trip, or myself. The pouting didn’t start until this afternoon (up until then I was great!) as we drove around and around and around the valley. About an hour in I began to wish that they had left me at home, but truth be told I was tired of spending every afternoon alone. So there I was, pouting,  in the middle of a beautiful canyon, spending time with great people, because the two things that I wanted to do the most on this vacation got cut. Not to mention the fact that we were car hiking, which always brings back the disturbing memories of the car hiking I did with my family on the famous trip we took out west the day after my 21st birthday.

As I get older I have begun to painfully realize that it’s not about me, it’s about some sort of “we”. Whether it’s you and the Mr., you, the Mr, and the Mr.’s papa, or you and your friends. It’s no longer acceptable to try and force people to do what you want and then pout when you don’t get your way, (or in my case act helpless and just go along with the group because you feel like you won’t be able to change the plans even if you tried.)

This whole non pouting thing has been a hard lesson for me to learn. Ever  since  I was a youngin’ I have been used to getting my way, even if I had to manipulate my parents to get it. But as I try and figure out the type of woman I want to become I’m realizing that there is no longer a  place for my old school childish antics.


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natty light - taste the rainbow“So I left the cooler at some picnic table, when I left it had some snacks, water and two natty lights. When I came back to the cooler the two natty lights were gone, just the natty lights.” Mr. K

So if I have failed to mention, me the Mr. and his dad are in Utah. Some weird stuff goes on in this town, freakin weird. So I would like to share this weirdness with all of you. I am just sad that I have not yet captured some of it on you tube:

  • Mr. K and I were looking at houses. We  came out of one with our realtor, and the neighbor comes out of their house and says ” You don’t wanna buy that house, there is a meth lab next store and you will find all kinds of weird stuff on your front lawn, empty beer bottles and human poop to name a few.” Human poop folks.
  • 13 year old kids driving around in huge pick up trucks
  • hobos bathing in the river (ok so this could be seen in NYC, but I’ve never been witness)
  • baby bathtubs complete with plumbing hanging from the ceiling, of a basement
  • super baby (ok, just kidding if the owner of this baby stumbles across this blog, but seriously 16 months, 3 feet tall, and, 23 pounds? awesome! I didn’t break 3 feet until I was in the 7th grade. Yes, I was a short chubby shrimp)

So clearly there is more than Utah than 3/2 beers, and a large population of babies.

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Trail Talks

MountainsSept. 27, 2009

“We won’t be boring. As long as we are doing cool stuff and talking about how to do more of it, we won’t be a boring married couple.” Mr. K

Since we have decided to move out to the suburbs of NJ I have been slightly afraid that we will turn into a boring Jersey couple that moves out to the suburbs and slowly dies. This thought is not in the forefront of my mind but it pops in and out every once in a while.

Today Mr. K and I did a short 3 hour hike through the mountains of Utah. A lot can be discussed on a trail out in what feels like the middle of nowhere. During past hikes, Mr. K has always asked me what I want to talk about. Most wives/girlfriends would jump at this opportunity to blab on about anything for an unlimited amount of time. But me, put on the spot, usually thinks of nothing to say. My mind goes totally blank. Call it stage fright.

This time I had lots I wanted to discuss. This little trip to Utah isn’t totally leisurely. It is partially to look at investments for our future, investments that could determine where we will be spending the next few years of our lives. So during this hike we discussed in depth a plan for our possible Utah/western future. This plan is not on the map yet, but a few different trails were plotted while we were hiking our trail through the fall foliage of the mountains. So while I’m focusing on my present endeavors –  we are also trying to figure out some possible future endeavors.

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Sept. 26, 2009

Eaves dropping on a locker room conversation pre-Saved!workout:

Young looking girl to all her friends: Yeah you know I really enjoy hanging out with my mother-in law and all of her friends. We have all become really really good friends, ya know.

Mrs. K (to herself): What the???

Eaves dropping on a locker room conversation post-workout:

Older woman: My other two single friends just got married. Now I’m like what am I supposed to do hang out with my kids??

Mrs. K (to myself): There are unmarried ladies with kids in this town?? What the??

Utah has surprised me in many ways since our bizarre relationship began in July of ’08. Some surprises have been good, some have not been good at all.

I used to think of Utah as a very religious,’ beer hatin’ state that I would never go to. It is incredibly outdoorsy, beautiful, with some decent places to eat. So now that I have been here I can’t really hate on UT. Wait, I can hate on it, I will hate on the fact that they water down all their beers – I mean come on now what am I 11? I deserve a decent beer. Especially after I have been sanding floors for 8 hours, but that is another story.

So don’t be scared of Utah. Once you get past the stereotypes- and the meth dens it is actually a decent state to vacation. So start packing your bags readers, after all it’s only a 4 hour direct flight from JFK.

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Risky Business

Sept. 25, 2009

“Be sure that your name appears in all the same places that his does on that document.” A

A is a very smart man, who is married to a very smary lady, J. When either one of them gives me advice I listen, and sometimes even write it down to be sure I won’t forget it. So I was very proud to announce to A that I had signed and iniatilaed in all the same spots as Mr. K – ensuring that the Utah house was split equally between us. Today I head out for a four day mini-vacation to the underrated state of Utah, for a little outdoor fresh air goodness!

I accidentally stumbled across the state of Utah, when Mr. K came to me about one year ago with the proposition to buy and renovate a house. Back then I knew nothing about renovations, mortgages, financing, insurance. But there I was 25 years old wearing the hat of a married person roaming around Utah looking at beat up houses with my boyfriend, not finacee, not husband, but boyfriend. Lots of people think it’s a huge risk for a couple to get their finances tangled up before they are married – me included. But Mr. K is a risk taker and apparently now so am I.

Marriage is a risk. Not only are your lives completely entertwined, but the lives of your familes, friends, and kids also become entertwined at various degreess in your marriage. There is a lot that comes along with those I do’s and the kiss. You have to have the utmost faith and trust in the other person, which is not easy in the beginning, but it’s gets easier, until it just flows. Having an infinite amount of trust in another person, being completely volunerable with then and completely joyus with them, has to be the 8th wonder of the world, because once you find that place you will never want to leave.

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Breathing Room

Sept. 25, 2009

You haven’t been acting like yourself lately, you’ve been acting all crazy. I know you are stressed out but I’ve never seen you act this way.” Mr. K

I haven’t been acting like myself lately. Normally I see myself as a calm laid back person, who doesn’t really feel stress. I have my moments of attitude and anger and I do have freak outs, but lately I have noticed my care free self being replaced by some sort of psycho.

It is my strong belief that you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with another person. I believe that you need to balance your “me” time with the time you spend with everyone else. If I don’t get enough “me” time it throws my whole persona out of whack.

I’m not a people pleaser, typically I have no problem saying no to people if I feel like I need some me yoga time or me reading time. Lately, I have been the YES woman. Accepting every social engagement, hosting too many social engagements, completely packing my weeknights with everyone but myself. I cannot maintain my happy self if I don’t give myself some breathing room every once in a while. I love Mr.K and my friends, but I have a complete lack of down time with all the apartment moving, patio BBQ’s, football watching and happy hours consuming all of my time. I need to get back on my regular schedule, so I can be relaxing and unwinding, instead of picking up empty beer bottles scattered around my apartment at 3 am every night.

So hopefully this mini Utah vacation will help me get myself back in sync, so I can be more relaxed with myself, Mr. K and my friends!

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Sept. 23, 2009

“It’s like the doormen just know that you are no long fresh meat in the city, and that instead you are tired and jaded.” Memap_meatpacking_300

Lately some of my discussions have been remember when we used to go to the Meatpacking – it was so much fun why did we stop going there? Well, last night I found myself back in very familar cobblestone territory.

Newsflash: There are still trendy people going to the Meatpacking District. I figured that everyone else just like me stopped going down to Gansevoort to club hopping all night long.

Last night we went to the Highline, the new park built on the old railroad tracks running along NYC’s west side. The Highline exceeded my expectations, the architecture is beautiful and just like the rest of the Meatpacking very trendy. So grab your beau or your girls, a bottle of wine and head down to the Highline for some prime people watching.

After the Highline it was time for a drink so we sauntered over to The Standard’s beer gardens – which was closed for a private party – on a Wednesday night. We head to the hotel lobby bar it was packed – the hotel lobby bar mind you, with people dressed to the nines, all out heels and mini dresses. Suddenly I felt out of place in my jeans and tank. So we headed to Gaslight cause we knew it was passe and no one would be there, but even at Gaslight there were model like ladies lounging at the bar in their short shorts leather jackets and heels.

Being in my old stompin’ grounds brought back memories of dancing till 6 am, cutting the lines with ease, secret VIP areas, proposals, all my fantastic memories of my first year in the city. But it also made me realize that I am just as happy sitting in Pete’s Tavern drinking a Blue Moon as I was dancing on the banquette with my $15 martini.

I, just like the Meatpacking district have changed – I no longer recognize most of the names hanging off the sides of the buildings, and I no longer feel the need to enter any of them. So it’s pretty safe to say that you won’t find me in my hot pink mini dress reminscient of  Kelly Kapowski standing outside of the velvet rope any time soon – but with my new bangs I could probably do a pretty killer bangs side swoop that could rival Kelly’s. So maybe I do have one last hurrah left in me after all!

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My Mantra

Sept. 22, 2009

responsible meIt’s only for four months, It’s only for four months, It’s only for four months. This is what I find myself saying multiple times a day now that I have committed to moving out to Jersey. Moving to Jersey City is soooo not my first choice, but I know that it is the Adult Responsible Thing To Do. I am an adult now, I have been for a long time, but I don’t think I have been acting one, which is not a bad thing – actually it’s a really freakin’ fun thing. But now I need to do the Adult Responsible Thing To Do – atleast for the next four months!

I’m scared to move to Jersey, especially to a place that is so far into Jersey. I’m scared that my friends will shun me putting me into the boring married couple who live in Jersey category and stop inviting me to happy hours, football drinks, extracurricular activities, etc. But hey if I’m forced to live in solitary confinement in Jersey it will only be for fourth months. But when I come back will they remember me? Will I remember me? Or will I really have turned into the boring married person who lives in Jersey? Man ho, I hope not! Cause I think this Adult Responsible Thing is going to meet my quota for Adult Responsible Things for the next 5 years of my life!

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We are family

Sept. 21, 2009

round one - WY“I had bought the ring and was driving to see my girlfriend, when I called her dad to ask for her hand in marriage. When I told him I wanted to ask his permission to marry his daughter he basically said we need to have a meeting and talk about this with the family” Eric the golfer.

They say you don’t just marry your fiancee, you marry their entire family. I have found this to be very true. Before I even married Pete I think I married his family. The first vacation that I took with Mr. K was with his mom and sister to WY. The second long vacation I took with Pete was with his mom and gram to WY – notice a trend here?

The first time I met Mr. K’s mom was when we were taking a vacation at the family shorehouse. Friday rolled around, and one second we were sitting on the couch the next minute I was bombarded by family – I didn’t know which one his mother was until about 30 minutes after I met her. Not quite the first impression I was hoping to make.

So in my opinion it’s almost more important that you get along with your fiancee’s family better than you get along with him, especially if they live in the tri-state area – cause you will be seeing them more than you think.

It took me a while to build relationships with members of Mr. K’s family. I have gotten to know Mr. K’s sister the best. I was nervous to ask her to be in my bridal party – I was luck y that she said yes because it was during this time that I felt like I got to know her. I got to know her in a deeper level than on the night of the New Year’s Eve jaegerrita shots. She fit right in with all of my friends most of which she barely knew if she knew them at all. And all of my friends thought she was a really awesome lady. Most importantly she fit right in with me. We were the only ones having so much fun at the scavenger hunt that we refused to return to the room on time, and as a result were penalized harshly for our behavior. We totally should have won!

So even though you can pick who you fall in love with, you can’t pick their family, so the next time you go on that first date you better have your fingers crossed that not only is the dude a keeper, but that his family is too.round two - WY

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sailing on the OrienSept. 20, 2009

“When someone has a passion that they love to talk about they instantly become more attractive to me.” Captain E

Today I was lucky enough to go sailing. It was awesome, not only because it’s something that I have never done before, but because the captain of the boat was so totally psyched his passion with us.

Everyone has a story to tell, but do you have a passion? My passion is taking a sabbatical. I used to eat, breath and speak horse. It was what got me though every single day during my adolescence and highschool. Every weekend I was at the barn bright and early, and during the summer I was there every chance I got. As college approached my parents decided that horseback riding wasn’t a proper career choice and forced me to stop. So instead of spending my weekends at the barn I spent them getting drunk with my friends. But my the flame has not burnt out, there is still a weak flicker somewhere deep down inside – after all I can’t really ride a horse to work through the streets of New York.

One of the things that really attracted me to Mr. K was his passion for skiing, the outdoors all things rugged. Because of his passions I was exposed to a whole new world of experience – like skiing on a real actual mountain – in Ohio all we have a bunny hills. An important part of a relationship is sharing new and different experiences with the other person, making those special unforgettable memories. That is where the real sexiness comes in, not in the hair cut, or the shoes, it’s the fire in their eyes when they speak about something that they love – that they want to share with you.

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